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The Ingredient Group, TIG

About The Ingredient Group ("TIG")

The Ingredient Group ("TIG") is focused on providing customers with high quality, low cost, innovative ingredients, nutraceutical & pharmaceutical active ingredients, branded & private label finished product solutions and stream-lined logistics. Working directly with producers and manufacturers, TIG is able to reduce customer input costs and ensure quality & safety through a stream-line supply chain management process. Fewer intermediaries involved in product handling and logistics, translates into lower sourcing cost, fewer opportunities for product contamination leading to improved product safety and higher standards of quality control. TIG suppliers and manufacturers are; US FDA GMP, WHO GMP, EU GMP, UK MHRA, cGMP, ISO Certified, Kosher, Halal and HACCP certified.

Each member of the TIG team has +15 years of experience in their respective fields; pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotechnology, active ingredients, over-the-counter health & wellness products, private label products, regulated clinical studies, health care product business development and consumer retail distribution. This broad range of experience enables TIG to work directly with customers to understand their needs and then with the manufacturers and producers to provide optimal solutions.

The TIG team works directly with customers and sourcing manufacturers to develop innovative finished product lines and low cost private label product opportunities. Understanding end market consumer trends, demand for innovative products and product pricing tolerance, TIG is able to guide customers and suppliers in; product R&D, manufacturing, clinical testing, regulatory, intellectual property and commercialization. Current TIG suppliers offer a broad range of branded and private label product opportunities including; nutraceuticals, skin care, health & wellness, cosmeceuticals, phytochemicals, personal care and dietary supplements.

TIG suppliers of pharmaceutical, generic & specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) typically control +75% of their respective global API categories. Difficult to manufacturer APIs are a focus for TIG suppliers. TIG suppliers currently have multiple Drug Master Files on record with the U.S. FDA and other global regulatory agencies. TIG suppliers are subject to routine global regulatory manufacturing audits and inspections. To date, no TIG supplier has experienced adverse regulatory actions, product shortages or product recalls due to quality or safety issues. TIG suppliers adhere to the highest level and most current global cGMP, ISO and other certifications.

TIG team members have extensive track records working with a broad range of commercial & contract manufacturers and commercial distribution channels. TGI's ingredient and finished product brokering services provide companies with greater access to commercial partners including; leading health & wellness, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic drug, nutracetutical and consumer food & beverage companies and distribution channels including; national discount retailers, grocery chains, online retailers, health & wellness outlets and drug stores/pharmacies.

The TIG platform is broad and capable of working with any size company from small start-ups to global manufacturers. Companies of all sizes can benefit from the lean and efficient supply chain established by TIG. The TIG team will work closely with every customer, regardless of their size, to identify optimal product solutions, ingredient sourcing and other supply chain needs.

The TIG team looks forward to exceeding your corporate expectations and fostering long-term business relationships.

All TIG suppliers and manufacturers are:

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